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Best phone tracker that doesn’t require any one’s permission

Great number of applications require permissions to be able to work on the certain device, may that be the location of the user, network connection and users details. Some application need permission which violate the user privacy and work. But to be able certain application to work on the device we are installing a GPS tracker, the user needs to give permission and agree to share the data and details needed.

Best application with smallest required permissions are:

Mobile Phone Tracker:

Free android tracking application that can allow you to inspect SMS messages, calls and track location remotely. You can view the location of your friends and family for free on your single gmail account. Use the most secure server, on your Gmail account,  to store and read personal data.

With the word to word service and information of SMS and call details you can find, track down the phone device without the use of GPS only WIFI.

Intercept messages and read all inbound and outbound text messages and message details like date, phone number and contact name.

You can trace log of incoming and out going calls and see the number, date and time and contact name.

Available for free on Android to trace your family members, friends and coworkers.

There are small amount of permissions needed for this application to work, like for example device identity, contacts permission to be able to read the contacts of the phone, precise location permission which will be used to determine the accurate location and show it on the map, SMS and phone call permission needed to able to read phone calls and SMS messages, storage permission that will enable the application to write and delete files from the USB storage media and device id and WIFI Internet connection connection as well as permission to run at start up.

Free Lost Phone Tracker:

This little free application developed by PlanB is used to find your lost phone. You download and install the app and it will turn on the GPS and start finding the location automatically. It will keep updating you about changes of your location via email or SMS message which you can change in settings tab.

You get one message when you start the application and five more when it starts tracking and location logging. Each location logged and sent to an email will have accuracy rating in meters. The free phone tracker starts automatically or in some case there is a confirmation need via SMS message.

All the information and data is sent to associated Gmail account.

Some of the permissions required for this application to work are: identity of your phone, contacts permission to be able to read contacts, phone calls and SMS permission for reading calls and messages, precise GPS location using your Internet connection and access to phone status and network.

Car protection with mobile tracker technology

If you live in an area where you think car thefts are all too common or you want to get a good deal off your car insurance, GSM protection for your cars is an absolutely amazing technology. This amazing mobile telephone communication technology helps you protect your cars like never before. Imagine the face of the thief when he comes to steal your car and you are able to talk back to him. Imagine his reaction when you actually cut back the fuel of the car rendering it unable to start and then catch the thief red handed. Well, GSM technology being used for car protection is definitely something.

GSM alarms when installed in the cars keep you updated about your car’s security. You can be alerted if your car is in some kind of a danger via a call or an SMS. You can use your mobile phone to activate or deactivate the vehicle and also immobilize it remotely just by sending a text message to the GSM number. This certainly is a very amazing advancement in technology which helps you for your car’s protection. Even if you are far away vacationing somewhere, you will be able to communicate with your car and control it just by a text message only.

GSM car alarms when fitted with a SIM card can act as your phone as well. Calls can be made to pre programmed number and received to, however only via the car’s speakers. Also, if stolen, GPS tracker can also located the exact location of the car using the car’s mobile number too.

Is It Possible To Keep An Eye On My Wife 24 Hrs?

With the changing ethics and moral values of human nature day by day there are issues of loyalty being raised among partners. It is often found that husbands feel that their wives are cheating on them when they are out of homes for business or work purposes. Are you one of them who also feel the same? Now there is a solution that will help you track the mobile phone of your wife and show you details of her whereabouts when you are out of home or hometown.

Is It Possible To Keep An Eye On My Wife 24 Hrs

Is It Possible To Keep An Eye On My Wife 24 Hrs?

We bring to you the GPS enabled service that helps you to trace your wife and understand where and when she had been. In a way it helps you to keep an eye on her 24 hours. Yes you are at the right place and the news is absolutely correct. You can track any number in the world with the help of GPS tracking mechanism. In a matter of few seconds you will be able to trace their number with the help of our software. The moment you enter their number in our software we will trace and show you the exact location of their mobile phone using the data received from the GPS mechanism. It’s just a matter of GPS and a smartphone which can get you the information on your wife’s location. So if she visits her boyfriend or no, irrespective of spying on her you can confidently check her location and catch her red handed with the help of our software.

We also ensure that your privacy is kept confidential and hence do not disclose your contact number or details to any other company or store in database without your consent. So if you want to be sure that your wife does not cheat on you and wish to keep an eye on her, we will help you do it without any doubt.

Is It Against the Law to GPS Track Your Children?

With all of the new GPS tracking devices out many parents around the world are starting to wonder the same question. Is it legal to track our children? The answer is, yes it is legal to track your own children. Children do have privacy rights and laws that protect these rights however, none of these children’s rights mention anything about GPS tracking your children. This means that it is completely legal to track your little ones in order to keep them from harm.

Tracking children with GPS devices has gained popularity over the recent years of the increasing production of locating technology devices. It is very important to know where your young children are at all times. This is why there are many GPS tracking devices available for young children now. There are small wrists bands that children can wear that have GPS devices built into them. These devices are very popular in the UK and the United States because they are cute and fashionable with a great purpose behind them.

Is It Against the Law to GPS Track Your Children

Is It Against the Law to GPS Track Your Children?

Tracking your young children is legal and so is tracking your teens. Tracking teens can be a little harder than tracking your small ones because many do not like being locating at all times. This is fine because there are now GPS locating devices that are legal to install on your teens cars. These locating devices will tell you every location of your teen’s car, the speed it is traveling at, and its destination depending on the device that you choose. These car GPS tracking devices can be put secretly underneath the car so that nobody will even notice that it is there. This is a great way to locate your teen if ever they go missing. This is also a great way to make sure that your teen is driving safely since most car GPS trackers can tell you the speed that the car is traveling at.

Although it is legal to track your children it should be done in good taste. You should only track your child or teen using GPS locating if you are under the impression that they may be in danger or if you need to know where they are. Tracking your child can save their lives so it is very important to have. Since there are so many different options in child and teen tracking it is important to research all options to find the best suitable tracking method for you and your children.

How to Hide from the Government

It doesn’t matter who you are, you are at risk to be observed and followed by the government.  This can happen with your physical movements with the GPS on your smart phone.  It can happen as you browse the internet on your laptop and your web activity is casually watched as your IP address is monitored.  There are many ways that the government can keep its eye on you and your activities.  If you don’t want the government to know what you are up to at any moment of the day, there are steps that you can take to lessen the chance that you will be monitored.

How to Hide from the Government

How to Hide from the Government?

When you are browsing on the internet, use a program that allows for your to keep your identity and IP address secret from prying government eyes.  These systems are not difficult to use and can be downloaded onto a computer and used like any other application to keep the government off your back.  This should be done with all online chats as well, if you are using applications like Facetime or Skype then your conversations could be monitored.  Using the same type of program that keeps your identity a secret it would be much more difficult for the government to locate your conversations and whereabouts.

One great old school way to avoid the government finding your location is to stop carrying your cell phone with your everywhere.  Most people keep their phone in their pocket, bag or somewhere else attached to their body, all day long.  This convenience is the simplest way that you can be tracked.  Even if you don’t allow for the use of GPS it is still conceivable that the cell signal can be followed and located.  If this is true then the government is going to know just where you are.  Do not carry a cell phone and the odds of moving undetected by officials of any kind will be significantly diminished.

Another way to protect yourself is to use a phone app to allow you to make phone calls that are encrypted.  Tapping into a cell phone conversation and knowing not only where you are but who you are talking to and the private details of that conversation.  Redphone is an application that you can download which will allow you to do just that.  It doesn’t take a lot of technological knowhow to use and it will protect all of your phone calls from being intercepted and listened to.   Your private information should be important enough to keep protected by using an a simple phone application.

How Do I Know What My Child Is Doing At The Moment?

These days parents do not have time to look after their children’s activities. Many times in their day-to-day affairs parents tend to forget their roles in children’s lives and do not try to understand where their children spend most of their time. But this will not be the case from now on. Once can keep tracking your child as to where they spend their time when you are not around. Yes it is very much possible today with the help of GPS tracking system.

Tracking your Child

Tracking your Child

We have developed phone-tracking technology that helps you to track your children’s mobile phones. These days most of the people use smartphones that have built in GPS mechanism. Also children want to use the latest devices, which follow the latest trends and features. With the help of this GPS tracking system data is collected from the smartphones. This type of technology works with most of the current day smartphones and also in many of the older phones as well. For this you do not require to download any app or software. It simply works through your GPS enabled device and helps you track your child’s location. Although GPS is an old mechanism, however it has enabled various possibilities, which earlier were unable to be found.

With the help of this you can trace and keep a track on the where about of your children and ensure that they are always taken care of without being present physically with them. You can ensure that your children are at their school, tuition or college just with the help of our service and GPS enabled handset smartphones.

Privacy is of prime importance to everyone and hence we ensure that only parents and not anyone else can track your children. By utilizing this technology you can track your children’s activities and ensure that they are always safe within your reach.

Electronic Tagging, Keep Track of Your Property and Family

If you have ever watched a movie and seen a police officer or a spy use a tracking device to keep track of someone’s location, then you have a basic idea of how electronic tracking works. Today anyone can get the equipment needed to track someone or something electronically. These devices are available in many electronic stores and come is a variety of sizes. The size can vary from a bracelet, dog tag or even a microchip in an unassuming piece of jewelry. Originally their use was to allow farmers to keep track of their livestock, however over time the uses were expanded to include keeping track of people. It is quite a leap in technology that has allowed for the use of technology in keeping people under house arrest.

Electronic Tagging

Electronic Tagging

This technology works by using the Ground Positioning system along with radio frequency identification to keep track of whatever needs to be monitored. Electronic tagging uses these two systems much like a GPS in a car. The satellite system that surrounds the Earth triangulates the location of a tag at any given moment anywhere in the world. The person who owns the tag can see the location at any given moment. These work by using a single chip which are very small and easy to conceal. They will transmit the data of location to the satellite that will send the data to the electronic tag. Often times a phone line is used to transmit the data from the anklet, bracelet or necklace that contains the electronic chip to its owner.

There are different forms of tagging available today as well, these use radio frequency identification. These are called RFID tags and work a bit differently than the GPS tags mentioned above. These electronic tags have two different parts to them. Each is going to have an antenna for broadcasting and receiving information and a special integrated circuit for processing the information the tags transmits. These are really convenient because they can be almost any size at all and many animals are simply implanted with the device. This goes just under the animal’s skin and protects the tag from being damaged or lost.
It doesn’t matter what type of device you decide to use to electronically tag someone or something. The use of this technology allows for law enforcement to do their job in keeping criminals under control, by maintaining a house arrest. It also allows for pet owners to have peace of mind and to know that their pets can’t run away. The chip inserted under their skin will allow for an owner to track them and find them no matter where they go.

Can police track my location?

While roaming, you never stay alone. Today to track mobile phones is easy, and often it is done to provide definite service to their owners. However, the organizations that want to know where a phone moves, or, more precisely, where its owner moves may also be interested in mobile tracking. Among these organizations is police (law enforcement officials of all levels),in many cases, they do not need a permit for spying from the cognizant authorities.

Can police track my location

Can police track my location?

It makes sense to mention the fact that any phone always knows where it is located – this is provided by the structure of cellular networks. When you are in the adjacent base station’s service area, the coordinates of which are constant and fixed, a phone notifies the system about a phone’s location automatically. This information is accumulated and cellular mobile operator has all data on its customers’ travel that can be returned upon the request of the police structures.

In 2012, the United States Circuit Court of Appeals striped of American citizens of their rights of personal privacy, allowing the police to track the mobile devices signal without having to get a warrant or other required document.Thus, today the police can track a mobile phone signal without any warrant. However,earlier in2012, the Supreme Court hold that the law enforcement agents must obtain a warrant before they start to spy upon suspected person’s car with the help of GPS signal devices.

A permission does not request a warrant to access the phones’ information gives the U.S. authorities more control over the things that are called the“personal” rights of citizens, which the courts are now considered as the “public”.

“White bread Americans are not aware that every time when they shove off for a trip with a mobile phone, information about their movements is recorded”, – the Wall Street Journal quotes a joint application of the Federal Judge Lenihan and his colleagues, – “Most Americans are horrified to hear the news that the state institutions can obtain these records, even without an independent judicial decision of a reasonable cause”.

Can my wife/spouse see my location?

In this 21st century, when wiretapping and similar stuff from the Agent 007 is no longer news, it is difficult to make open one’s eyes.But it is still incomprehensible to a common man how it is possible to track a phone.However,it turns out that there are facilities that offer phone-tracking services.

Can my wife/spouse see my location

Can my wife/spouse see my location?

Let us look at whether is this a possibility to trace a husband, wife or your child with the help of their mobile phone without installing an unauthorized software on it? To date, among the wide range of services, which provide mobile operators are the services associated with position location of a mobile user, to be accurate, the location of his SIM card. To use this service there is a need to carry the consent of the half, which you want to trace. If it is a spouse, it is not difficult to find the right moment and to send consent to tracking from the phone of the observed object.

As for the issue’s technical aspect the matter of the service is estimation of the distance of the mobile user’s sim-card to the nearest mobile communication translator.As a general rule,the translators are placed in the distance of 200-500meters in the city and in the distance of1.2kilometers and more in the country.

The answer to the question: “Can my wife/spouse see my location via my mobile phone?” – is the question: “How much exactly does he/she need to know your location.” If he/she wants to know the city or area of the city where you are at that moment, then – yes, he/she can see your location!

For example, if you say that you are at work, and instead of this, you are in another part of the city. However, if a wife/spouse want to know the street and the house number, then –he/she cannot. For example, you and your secretary are sitting in a cafe near your work, he/she cannot get to know this.